FAq from the stream

personal details:
where are you from?
salt lake city, utah, usa
what's your height?
185 cm 6'1"
are you an only child?
computer engineering
what are you studying for?
bachelors degree in computer engineering
what year are you in?
3rd year in university
what time do you go to sleep?
how many hours of sleep do you get?
7-8 hours
when do you wake up
what are you?
half asian(vietnamese) half white https://prnt.sc/vsbodd
what is your job?
i'm a researcher for a lab at my school
what are your hobbies?
enthusiest keyboards, fountain pens, fashion, cameras, running, working out, manga, japanese, books, vintage, audiophile, more
do you live alone?
for the time being yes
whats your zodiac
whats your mbti
what do you do after the stream?
workout some days, chill others
why did you start streaming?
people seemed like they needed help during covid
what languages do you speak?
english, I'm ok at vietnamese. my spoken japanese is really weak- i'm a lot better at reading and writing (working on improving it)
cut your hair

how olds mika
6 (I think)
why is she like that
dunno she's always been like that
why is she named that?
it's like mikan which means citrus in japanese

why do you study so much?
I like to push myself
how do you stay motivated to study
I don't try to rely on my motivation (it's volatile) to study. at this point it's become a habit for me, but I usually rely on my drive to succeed to push me through the tough parts
how do I study for 12 hours?
practice. you have to approach it like learning a new skill. push yourself slightly above your upper limit consistently and you will get better. if you push yourself too hard you will burnout. there is a balance of pushing yourself too hard and just hard enough to get peak improvement. I have had a lot a lot of practice
what are the post it notes for?
my weekly agenda
why do you start so early?
that time is when I'm the most productive
how many laptops do have?
I own a few but usually only use two. my main one is running linux (dual boot ubuntu and arch) and the other is running osx & windows (I need it for a class)
what are your favorite self help books?
atomic habits by james clear, deep work by cal newport, can't hurt me by david goggins (read them in this order)
what do you listen to while studying?
whatever I feel like- music (usually lofi) or ambient noises
do you study on the weekends?
yes, in the patreon-only stream

what do those characters (紅葉) behind you mean?
autumn leaves
who is that on the wall?

thank you!